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Why assume an encounter with me would be any more pleasant than an encounter with anyone else? We have all equally shared friendships in the past, it seems deserving that I should share in the labeling of ‘Michaels friends’. From my perspective, you wanted these rifts as much as you wanted to leave Mike. Are we still friends? perhaps, it takes a lot for me to call someone an enemy. Does that mean our next encounter would be at all comfortable? not likely, my arrogant self righteousness awaits.

I am left to wonder, if people are largely defined by their friends, what does this say about your feelings towards Mike? Your future with Mike? 
Is Mike flawed? Maybe, we all are. But is that justification to cut out all his friends and in time, reforge a new Michael? I suppose that’s his choice.
Avoidance seems irresponsible and certainly doesn’t solve anything.

I think a movie would have been nice.

Yep. Its back on the big screen :D

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why I need a 1m - also, top gear told me its the most perfectly balanced car since the original vw golf gti